With a well publicised shortage of experienced engineers, a lot of companies today are under pressure. No more so than in the Offshore / Marine Industry where safety is paramount, quality is essential yet budgets must be maintained and delivery schedules are become ever more challenging.

Today companies cannot always find the resource or expertise to deliver projects effectively, and as a result, suffer additional costs on projects through poor conception, planning, procurement and execution.

A range of services can be provided to facilitate successful project delivery, including Project Management, Technical Guidance, Expediting and Team Development Alternatively, these services can be used to provide expert support to client project teams.

So whatever your requirements, whether you wish to outsource the management of an engineering project or require additional expertise to compliment your internal resources, a service can be provided to fit your needs.

Project Management

  • Review of RFQ Documentation
  • Co-ordination / Preparation of Bid Documentation
  • Co-ordinating / Attending Bid Clarification activities
  • Contract Review
  • Co-ordination /Attending Project Kick–off activities
  • Client Liaison during execution of contract
  • Progress reporting
  • Assistance / coordination of Design Engineering & Project Engineering Activities
  • Ensuring compliance with Industry Standards & Project Specifications
  • Ensuring scheduled issue of Engineering Deliverable
  • Monitor Project Schedule & Cost Control
  • Contract Variation Control
  • Placement & Expediting Sub Orders
  • Liaising with and coordination of Vendors, Contractors, Site
  • Interaction with overseas manufacturing facilities
  • Co-ordination of 3rd Party Inspection
  • Coordination and participation in Testing and Pre-commissioning activities
  • Collation & preparation of Final Documentation
  • Supervising Offshore Installation / Commissioning
  • After sales coordination with Client



We can provide your project with an expediting function or alternatively provide a range of services to assist an expediting team, including:

  • Perform vendor capability
  • Expediting purchase order acknowledgements and schedule commitments
  • Verify achievability of vendor delivery schedule
  • Vendor liaison to ensure the on-time delivery of the purchased materials and equipment
  • Shop Inspections to verify quality and progress
  • Expediting the submittal of vendor data/drawings as required to fulfil SDRL requirements
  • Preparing and distribute equipment package progress reports to project personnel
  • Providing technical/commercial opinion as to poor vendor performance
  • Develop and provide practical and economical solutions for schedule realignment
  • Facilitate meetings with project team to compare site need dates with scheduled delivery dates
  • Co-ordinate 3rd party inspections and witness factory acceptance tests
  • co-ordinate with logistics for delivery dates, collection locations, shipping documents and package dimensions etc
  • Resolution of vendor contract variation claims

Specialist Consultancy

Due to the prominent emergence and accelerated development of offshore reserves utilising FPSO/FSU units, Fluid Transfer Systems and flexible pipe technology are used extensively within offshore oil and gas industry in a number of applications.

With 30+ years experience in the Offshore / Marine Oil & Gas industries at Design, Project Management and Director level within internationally renowned engineering companies, and having spent the previous 6 years as Technical Director of a leading supplier of Fluid Transfer Systems, Ian is able to offer the following services to support client operations in relation to selection and procurement of Fluid Transfer Systems:

  • Independent advice regarding suitability of solution
  • Technical Review and Evaluation of Bid Packages
  • Commercial Analysis of Bid Packages
  • Technical & Design Guidance for Fluid Transfer Systems
  • Compliance with Industry Standards and Project Specifications
  • Package Responsibility & Vendor Liaison
  • Installation & Commissioning Supervision

Seawater Uptake Systems: provide a means of supplying cooler, cleaner and less oxygenated seawater from below sea level to the vessel’s cooling, process, utility and water injection. With exploration now in deeper water and warmer climates, these systems are becoming invaluable for both oil and gas production vessels.

Offloading Systems: are a means for storage, deployment and recovery of flexible pipe for the transfer of crude oil or other media in dynamic applications, e.g.:

  • Crude Oil Loading / Offloading
  • Methanol Loading / Offloading
  • Condensate Offloading
  • Well Intervention / Work-Over Systems

Tandem Mooring Systems: complement Offloading Systems by providing a means for storage, deployment and recovery of the Mooring Hawser String, enabling safe and efficient tandem mooring operations between FPSO and Shuttle Tankers.

Hose Bunkering Stations: provide safe and efficient operation and storage of bulk loading hoses, for fluid or powder transfer operations, in many offshore applications, e.g.

  • Drill Fluid / Powder Bunkering / Loading
  • Potable Water / Diesel replenishment
  • Seawater Delivery
  • Methanol Bunkering

Breakaway Coupling Systems: are a safety feature which can complement each of the above systems by providing a controlled/safe means of disconnecting the flexible pipe in an unplanned or emergency release scenario, e.g.

  • Bow Connector Couplings
  • Quick Release Couplings
  • Emergency Disconnect Couplings
  • Weak-link Couplings
  • techflow
  • techflow-flexibles
  • orion
  • itex
  • emstec
  • archer